Importance of eCommerce in Modern Business.

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E-commerce is widely considered as the buying and selling of products over the internet, but any transaction that is completed solely through electronic measures can be considered e-commerce. For example amazon,eBay etc.

Advantages of E-commerce

  1. eCommerce Can Broaden Your Brand

eCommerce can be used to broaden your range of products for sale, bringing you more custom and
diversifying your sales.

  1. open 24*7/36
    One of the most important benefits that ecommerce merchants can enjoy is store timings are now
    24/7/365 as they can run e-commerce websites all the time.

3.Selling Products Across the World
f you are running a physical store, it will be limited by the geographical area that you can service,
but with an e-Commerce website,
you can sell your products and services across the world.

  1. Scalability
    With effective ecommerce solution, you and your organization grow and scale easily to
    meet market demand as well as customer requirements by introducing different sales
    channels and reaching market segments.
  2. E-Commerce influences customers purchasing decisions
    Today customers tend to go online to check reviews, prices and availability of the
    products to save time.
  3. E-Commerce promotes a whole personalized experience 
    An e-commerce platform with a shopping cart, customers being able to track their orders, payments,
    delivery, product portfolio, reviews etc. under one roof is such an added facility which you could
    find in majority of the e-commerce platforms available.
  4. Business Promotion through social media
    As it’s the age of social media, it pays a direct link to business promotions.
    Now customers are widely using the facebook and twitter to make worthy purchasing decisions.
    So promotion through social media is an active business tool in the present scenario.
  5. Round the clock service
    it is round the clock service,they need not go to shopping malls or anywhere else for purchasing and
    it’s quite difficult for today’s busy persons.
  6. Increases Your Reach
    Physical retail involves branding and customer relationships, but with the power of the internet,
    a user can easily jump to your site as soon as they type something in the search engine.

10.Reduces Operational Costs
An e-store doesn’t have the same overhead costs that you associate with a physical store.
Therefore, most operational costs of running an eCommerce store are next to nothing.

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